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Food Network Needs An Overhaul...IMO [Dec. 2nd, 2008|02:54 am]
Food Network Fans


Lately, I've been feeling kinda of "eh" about FoodNetwork. It needs a huge overhaul, IMO. There are tons of shows they need to get rid, tons of shows they need to bring back, and chefs they should hire for new shows altogether....

Quick Fix Meals With Robin Miller - Can someone PLEASE tell me how on God's green earth this woman got a tv show?? She has no entertaining value. She's one of those home cooks *not a chef* who's show caters to either the working mom or the SAHM. Neither of which I am. Also, who wants to eat the same fucking ingredient all fucking week? I'm sorry, but the fact that she can prepare chicken three to five different ways in one show does NOT impress me. She is as fun as watching paint dry. No real personality whatsoever.

Semi-Homade with Sandra Lee - I HATE THIS SHOW WITH THE PASSION OF A THOUSAND BURNING SUNS!!! Seriously, I never liked this show. Not even in it's early years. Half the shit this woman makes looks a hot mess anyway. And enough with the damn table scapes already!!! The only amusing thing about the show is that the scenery/set changes color daily. That's it.

Rescue Chef - Why? The got rid of Food 911 with Tyler Florence only to bring back the SAME EXACT CONCEPT of Food 911 with a different chef and a differnt title. If they are so hard up for this concept of a show, why didn't have more seasons of Food 911? Tyler Florence is more cuter than this guy anyway, and more amusing.

How Did That Get On My Plate? - We already have Unwrapped. Do we need two "information" shows? No. Not to mention, Sunny Anderson is annoying. Especially on this show.

Food Detectives - Seeing how Ted Allen *of Queer Eye fame, and also a recuring judge on both Iron Chef America and Top Chef* was on this show, I had high hopes for it and was excited about it. That was until I saw the first episode. Again, another "information" show. And honestly, I don't care about the bacteria that happens when you eat food off the floor.

Down Home With The Neeleys - I don't know what it is about these two, but they irk the living shit out of me. I can't put what it is about them that actually annoys me, but they do.

Road Tasted With The Neelesy - First off, see above. Secondly, it's a traveling show. The travel channel was created for a reason. I wish Food Network would learn to accept that fact.

Paula's Best Dishes - It's the SAME fucking show as Paula's Home Cooking. Same Concept, same host. This is like when they had both $40 a Day and Rachel Ray's Tasty Travels. Do we really need TWO of the same thing? Not to mention, now that they have finally scaled down RR and stopped cramming her down our throats, they now want to do that with Paula.

Paula's Party - See last point I made above. I'm getting a tad sick of her. This show is not as good as say Emeril Live was or as good as Guy Off the Hook is. I used to like Paula, now I'm sick of her. She's getting RR Syndrom real fast.

Secrets of a Restaurant Chef - OMFG!!! Did Food Network even listen to this woman speak before they put her on the air??!! The way she talks and her sound effects she makes with her voice makes me want to go into my kitchen and chop my ears off with a meat cleaver. She likes to fluxuate her voice and growl from time to time. No...just no. I watched the very first episode of her show, and not even two minutes into it, had to change the channel.

IRON CHEF!!!! - Seriously. BRING. THIS. BACK. NAO! If it wasn't for the original IC, Food Network would never have ICA, Food Network Challenge, or USR. IC started the craze. Moving it to Fine Living Network = huge bad idea. Not everyone gets that channel. People have to pay cable companies extra to get it. My aunt gets it at her house on satalite. When I saw whan I visted her, I want to scream. Fine Living Network changed the fucking soundtrack that Food Network used. The music I remembered = gone. UGH! I want it back on Food Network...where it belongs!!! BRING IT BACK!!!

East Meets West With Ming Tsai - I saw his current show of his Simply Ming, on the Public Broadcast channel and I realized just how much I loved and miss East Meets West. Ming was one of the chefs from Food Network's early days. His show was fun to watch, and he can cook. I have the theme in my head right now.

Good Deal With Dave Leiberman - Yes, I know they still show this on the death hour *4 am - 5 am EST* on like a Thursday or something, but it should be brought back in the regular line up. Dave is a good chef, and cute. He's a lot better than half the people they have on their nao.

Sweet Dreams - A show simply devoted to making deserts. Gale Gand is a well known pastry chef. This show was informative and fun to watch. I'm sad that it's gone too.

Malto Mario - Who doesn't love Mario Batali? From his orange crocs to his cheery disposition.

Emeril Live - Yes, I know they still show this on weekdays at 2 pm EST. But this IS a prime time show. Yes, his audiece was high as fuck and will clap at anything that man did and/or said. But you cannot deny that Emeril has talent and is entertaining. And not to mention, he MADE the Food Network. Shipping him off to Fine Living is just wrong.

1.) Gordon Ramsay - I don't mean a reality show either. He already has two of those with Hell's Kitchen and Kitchen Nightmares. Skills...he has them. Give him his own cooking show.

2.) John Besh - He was runner up in Who Wants To Be The Next Iron Chef?. And honestly, it could have gone either way and I would have been happy. I liked both him and Symon, and I wish they both could have won. Either make him a sixth Iron Chef on ICA *besides, it would be better having an even number anyway* or give the man a show.

3.) Rocco DiSpirito - He was on Food Network years ago on a show called "Melting Pot", where each day of the week *Mon-Fri* Food Network would have two chefs from nationalities cook together. Rocco was teamed with Cat Cora to do the Mediteranian show. Plus, he has gained mainstream fame after that with his reality show The Restaurant, and being a judge on Top Chef. The man can cook and I'd love to see him back on Food Network.

Eric Ripert - That right there should say it all.

Todd English - See Eric Ripert.

5.) Andrew D'Ambrosi from Season Four of Top Chef - Personality. He has it. He was the one full of teh crazy. From telling the judges at the judging table that it's "his house" and the only way to get rid of him is for security guards to carry him off from saying that he "has a culinary boner" more or less deserves his own show. You never knew what Andrew was going to say or do.

6.) Erik Hopfinger from Season Four of Top Chef - This guy look like Knox when Knox was bald in his indy days. Nuff said. Sure he got eliminated in the third episode, but did I mention he looks like Knox?

7.) Joey Paulino and Howie Kleinberg from Season Three of Top Chef - These two can cook, and they are my OTP of that season.

From: (Anonymous)
2009-02-27 04:34 pm (UTC)

Agree 100%!

I'm here b/c I Googled Sweet Dreams, wondered what happened to it! Also, the more TNFNS winners they air, the less I watch. Maybe they're just wanting to cut costs (these people would PAY to be on TV!). I want to watch experts who teach me things I don't already know (or easily learn from any cookbook).
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